My first (and bad) portable GameCube

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by DefaultLik, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. DefaultLik

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    Hey Guys! :D

    I'm new on this Forum, in fact, new to any Forum so please be gentle. I am also new to modding and so my Portable turned out quite bad imho T.T

    It's so bad, I want to make another one, but I don't have any WiiKeys or WASPs laying around and a WODE is big and expensive D: Does anyone know where to find one?

    I haven't got many good Pic's of my darling GameCube, but if there are any interested People, I might unscrew it, open her up and take some Pic's for said person :)

    Also, I am having trouble uploading pictures... :oops:

    Here we go.

    Some Parts unasembled
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  2. lyberty5

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    Looks good, nice 3d printed case.

    It's sad you can't find another wikey. Maybe reuse the parts of this GC to try trimming and such.
    Or look to the Wii...

    Good work nonetheless !

    Also, what are those digit things for? Battery info?
  3. DefaultLik

    DefaultLik Member

    Abuse a portable Wii as portable Gamecube... sounds good but difficult. Thanks anyway :)

    The issue is not how it looks, its rather how it plays and how the external components function (Battery, Controller, SD Gecko):
    I forgot to design the proper structure to put my controlls in, so playing on it is not a nice experience.
    The battery is not working porperly (they all (3 3.7V cells) start at about 3,7 V and now one of them is at 3.2, 3,4 and 3,7 or so. And there is no charging curcuit or pretection circuit inside xD
    And I cant turn off the Player 1 on the Cube, so I cannot add an external P1 Controller, though 2-4 will work fine with my 'custom made' (just the PCB with some wires and an D-Sub adapter).
    And a selfmade SD gecko for a Micro SD card that feels like it could fall apart right away. And I cant have the SD Gecko and an external Memory Card in at the same time.
    Also i have no surface finish on it so you can see the path the 3D printer took. And the size/weight is meh...

    Yes that is an overdischarge circuit that i can turn on and off. But every time i turn it on it beeps like a fire alarm xD
    (LiPo alarm. Something like this
    It cicles through telling you the Voltage of each cell and of all of them togherter.

    Oh i just realised you dont even need a chip for a portable Wii right?


    Also the case is flat on the bottom and the cooler is on the bottom which was a bad idea in hindsight

    BUT you can add an AV Kable to play it on a TV :D and you can use the original Power cable
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  4. Ezkid123

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    For sale will buy for 450+
  5. Ezkid123

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    Can I buy it from u
  6. Fiskers1208

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    Gamecube portables are Really difficult to make now, before the mod chip used to run games off the SD card (Wiikey Fusion, or Wasp fusion) is not manufactured anymore. Even though there are lots of different modchips, the Wiikey fusion, and Wasp fusions are the best. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that this is right.
  7. Ezkid123

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    So can I buy it
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    He didn't make it.
    MYOB. That is relevant tangentially at best, and I'm still not even sure that it's correct.
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    Apologies, between your quote block and the other guy posting the same *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing thing everywhere I thought this was a different thread.
  13. wolborg

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    I like it. Especially the little screen whatever it does.

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