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  1. hey I’m back again with more noob questions

    I bought a broken backlit gameboy pocket and I changed the screen as needed and I love playing it

    Problem is the backlight flickers badly and killing my eyes

    So far from what I’m seeing people are saying I new to add a resistor to it but I want to know for sure

    And if so I have no clue what resistor should be used and I’m scared of buying the wrong type and wanted to know if anyone could link me to the proper one

    Again I’m sorry for dumb questions I’ve never attempted stuff like this before my knowledge goes as far as replacing the screen
    I’m use to fixing things like furbys gameboys are very different than furbys
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    I do not know the specific answer to this question. There is not a whole lot of activity on this site, so I suggest you post this thread on BitBuilt as well. There are always a lot of knowledgeable people on that site to answer your questions. Also, this is the time when a lot of people are on.
  3. Thanks
    I went ahead and made an account and post there
    Hopefully someone is able to help because this is all super confusing to me and I feel dumb
  4. MasterNate

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    I felt dumb when I got into this hobby back in February. It is amazing to see how far you come in such a short amount of time.
  5. I’m hoping to get better for sure

    I’m really hoping illness able to apply the knowledge I learn from this to fixing some of the robots I collect! I’m very good at fixing gears but circuits are very new to me
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