GameGear McWill LCD replacement for GG

Discussion in 'Technical Chat' started by T2Steve, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. T2Steve

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    If you are coming here to look at getting better video out of a Game Gear, the answer is the McWill LCD replacement. You can swap out the Light diffuser with LED backlights to get more battery out of a GG, but your picture will still be a blurry mess. The McWill replacement LCD, while costly, actually gives you video that is so night and day different that you wont ever be able to play a GameGear again without it.
  2. ttsgeb

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    Holy flax.
    Also, you're lucky I recognize your name because this post set off all of my internal spam detection systems.
  3. Kickback

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    Honestly, without an LCD replacement the Game Gear is practically unplayable. I lucked out and got one in very good working condition (I imagine the previous owner played it a little bit and got bored very fast) but now those screens are just horrific.

    The McWill mod is absolutely fantastic, I wish I wasn't absolutely awful at electronics so I could fit one myself.

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