How to build a portable Gamecube?

Discussion in 'General Modding & Electronics Information' started by Renji, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Renji

    Renji Newb


    i just watched a Gamecube Portable Vid on youtube and read the url.
    now i am here :)

    So, could anyone give me a tutorial on building this nice thing?

    How to start?
    I've got a Gamecube.
    But, where can i get the Display?
    How to build the case?

    How much money do I have to spent for the whole project?
    Is there a detailed tutorial on bulding a gcp?
    What machines do I need?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. J.D

    J.D No Stranger To Love

    First off, assuming you have no modding experience, this will be impossible for you. Build something simpler like an NOAC portable.

    Look around the forums, I'm sure you'll find the information you need. Welcome to the forums, btw.
  3. zeturi

    zeturi DEMON PIE!

  4. βeta

    βeta ModRetro Legend

    You don't need a CNC machine. You need a dremel, a drill, and assorted files and sand paper. The tools that are most important to these projects are knowledge and time. Arm yourself with these, and all obstacles will fall before you.
  5. snowpenguin

    snowpenguin Frequent Poster

    Wrong. A beginner can start off with a GCp and build it just fine. It's advised to start off with something simpler, but it's not a requirement. Harshboy's first portable was a GC.
  6. hailrazer

    hailrazer Frequent Poster

    Agreed. If you're a competent person, with the ability to read/study/ash intelligent questions, and have incredible patience. You could build a Xbox360 laptop.

    But with no experience I would suggest trying something easier and then jumping in to a GCP.
  7. Renji

    Renji Newb

    Thank you guys :)

    I dont want to start directly with my work. I am now gathering all the materials, which I need.

    I ordered 1 Zenith 5" LCD Display and I am about to order that Datamax Kid's Delight Screen.

    You are right, if you say, that I should start with something simpler, but it can't be taht difficult if I am following a good tutorial.
    And I am actually owning 1 Gamecube, so its the cheapest for me (I am from germany, so I have to import all the stuff) to start with the gcp.

    thank you for the link, zeturi.
  8. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS

    I bet it was my video you watched! :awesome:

    Asking questions is the best way to get started!

  9. Joeyjoe9876

    Joeyjoe9876 Frequent Poster

    i bet it was hailrazers :awesome:
  10. XCVG

    XCVG ModRetro Legend

    You could build a GCp for your first portable (one guy even did a 360 laptop first), but it's better to do something simpler, to gain experience. That said, if you have experience in modding and electronics in general, it shouldn't be that hard. It's not impossible or even stupid, just a little bit inadvisable.
  11. pLover

    pLover Apparently plover is a type of bird.

    Yeah. You seem pretty determined on building a GCp first, but considering you seem to have no idea how to mod at all, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY recommend starting with a NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, or something. Because at your [apparent] skill level, you're going to be... spending tons of dollars and getting very pissed off, to say the least.
  12. J.D

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  13. Tchay

    Tchay Frequent Poster

    My first portable was a GCP. I was NOOB.

    I didn't even know the difference between series and parallel.

    I still don't.
  14. Mako321

    Mako321 I like purpale ponies

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well, I was determined on making an Xbox 360 laptop first, but now im starting with an SNES, my advice is the same, start low my friend, these things get expensive.
  16. TheNineRings

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    Welcome to the forums, quickscope!
  17. Anonymous

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    Been here about a week, but thanks.
  18. TheNineRings

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    Yeah, a bit late, but still...
  19. Anonymous

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    I do thank you for the greeting.
  20. Nintendott

    Nintendott Nintendo for EVAR!

    I started as a noob and i made one !

    Everyone can make one.

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