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  1. Hello and thank you for reading the post

    Im a brand new user and brand new to making portables. So let me go ahead and start, I have a ps1 (chubster) scph-7501 that I have disassembled, I have two spare ps3 controllers, One is disassembled and the other is still intact, I also have the screen of a nice 7' screen from a JWin portable dvd player ( A JD-VD760 model, for reference) with the soundboard(?) and speakers still attached. So far i have looked at the threads for research and learned that the fat models need to lines of power , 3.5 v and 7.4 v but not much after in terms of actual assembly. I do not own a soldering iron yet because this is literally my first day trying my hand at electronics. But anyway I would appreciate some tips and maybe a step by step if that isn't too much to ask. If you do give me a step by step you only need to go as far as getting everything connected and powered, I can try getting the case done on my own , but i am concerned about the compatibility of the ps3 controller.

    Anyway thank you very much for the read , Pics should be below :D

    ps: both controllers were "broken" but my cousin didn't realize they actually worked fine in terms of buttons and board, they were just missing buttons :awesome:




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    A ps3 controller won't work with a ps1.....
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    Hi, Mawile here.

    Here is my guide if you still want information on this.

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