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Discussion in 'Project Worklogs' started by ttsgeb, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    So, I'm buying up xbox's now I'm going to start a couple of worklogs for what I plan to do.

    First up is a completely unmodded (software wise) xbox laptop. I aim to make this right around an inch thick.
    That's really about all there is to say on it right now... Hopefully this worklog will be taking off soon enough.

    I know the jewel is upside down... It's supposed to be that way... When you open the laptop, suddenly it's rightside up (you know, in case you have never paid attention to a laptop before)

  2. superben51

    superben51 Well-Known Member

    just one question. Why not soft-mod the thing? but other then that I'm looking forward to seeing this
  3. Zero

    Zero ModRetro Legend Administrator

    Yeah, not sure why you wouldn't at least soft-mod it. It's not like Xbox Live is a factor anymore.

    I'm really looking forward to this though. Original Xbox doesn't get much love.
  4. Ashen

    Ashen GameCube Révolutionary

    Yea, honestly shooting for 1" total thickness without softmod is unrealistic. The dvd drive in the box is standard desktop sized.

    Super excited for this either way.
  5. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    It is not completely unrealistic. The drive will be thinner than the mobo when I'm done.
    Basically, making it top loading rakes around 3/4 inch off the height of the drive.

    I'm not nodding it just to make it that much more impressive.

    Depending on how this goes, I may turn around and make a modded one with Linux and a keyboard/touchpad... Just because...
  6. superben51

    superben51 Well-Known Member

    still.... I think putting the 5 minutes it would take to soft-mod it would be worth it. even if only for playing some *ahem* games "bought" online.
  7. Mister Nickels

    Mister Nickels Active Member

    No softmodding? I dunno, I'm going with superben and Zero here. I would softmod it if it was I.

    But do it your way. It would be pretty impressive to see an Xbox portable that wasn't internally modded in some way.
  8. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    That's all there is to it, tbh. Just a "It would be pretty impressive"

    If I build another, it would be modded just because it makes sense... but I'm not a person to do what makes sense first. It's less fun that way.

    If someone wanted to buy it from me, there would be absolutely nothing stopping them from modding it, or paying me to mod it and put in a nice big hdd to hold all of your legally ripped from cd on this this xbox songs, and your massive collection of gamesaves that you earned entirely by yourself. ;P

    The most unrealistic aspect of the 1 inch thing is that I plan to have a screen, and the one I'm using is 1/4'' thick in of itself. The case will add close to 1/4'' to the height of everything, leaving me slightly less than the height of the hard drive to shove everything into... I don't see the DVD drive as much of a problem at all height wise, though. I'm more concerned about how big a CD actually is in comparison to a 15 inch laptop. The xbox motherboard is 9*9, so I'll need to have the disk spinning over it, and I still have to find a place to shove the LVDS board when it comes in.

    The screens I have to choose from, the bottom right one being the most likely choice for this one.
  9. Aux

    Aux Well-Known Member

    I understand the "not soft modding" argument. I designed an Xboxp that wasn't soft-modded over the summer (no it's not built yet) and Beta was like "That is going to be large. Soft mod it and take out the disk drive and replace the hdd with a laptop drive." But there is something magical about literally taking the parts given to us by MS and shaving and stretching and cramming and making a portable out of it. I made a conscious decision to accept the authenticity challenge, because I think it's something worth pursuing. I applaud ttsgeb for pursing it too.
  10. Mako321

    Mako321 I like purpale ponies

    Hardmods/TSOP flashes are the way to go when it comes to Xbox modding anyways.
  11. Zero

    Zero ModRetro Legend Administrator

    Depends on what you want to do.
  12. Mister Nickels

    Mister Nickels Active Member

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention.

    I'll agree to call the plural form of Xbox "Xboxen" only if everyone else will agree to call the plural form of Pikachu "Pikachii". :D
  13. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    I never said anyone had to agree with me.
  14. bud

    bud DAT ASS

    Good point.
  15. zeturi

    zeturi DEMON PIE!

    I can understand why the plural for "xbox" would be "xboxen." The plural for "ox" is "oxen". But the plural for "Pikachu" can never be "Pikachii." No plural can end with an "ii." However, singular words that end with "us" can replace those two letters with an "i"; i.e. "cactus" would become "cacti."

    Enough grammar talk, unless the geb approves.
  16. Zero

    Zero ModRetro Legend Administrator

  17. Mako321

    Mako321 I like purpale ponies

    Well, you need to unless you want an unreliable mod that could brick your box if it ever goes unplugged, and you'd need to buy extra stuff to do the mod anyways.(Which would come up to around the same price of a modchip IIRC)
  18. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    I softmodded my xbox.
    I spent $3 on a copy of mechassault and used flax I already had.
    My xbox has been unpluged MANY times for LONG periods of time.
    I'm not seeing it, dude.
    Not to mention once you buy the ($3 worth of) stuff to do it, you can mod as many xboxen as you want.
    Modchips only work for one.
    Come one man, at least try to know what's actually going on.

    That said, I'm getting an xbox off of a coworker tonight, so there should be some sort of progress soon. Probably me chopping the flax out of the case
  19. Mako321

    Mako321 I like purpale ponies

    Meh, some mods need things like an AR or USB adapter and such, and things like a clock loop can *Can'tSayThisOnTV* over your box.
    Not to mention the lack of support for replacement HDDs(Which I forgot to mention earlier), a new BIOS will let you plop any old drive in instead of worrying about HDD locking and such.
  20. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    I built this... Do you know what I used? I used a USB extension cable, the breakaway dongle, and a 1gb thumb drive.

    I spliced the usb cable into the dongle, and knocked out two things in one: xbox controllers for pc, and usb stick for a memory card for an xbox.

    Most of us can handle this project. I mean.. It's one of the first soldering jobs I did and it still works flawlessly.

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