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Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by Ashen, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Ashen

    Ashen GameCube Révolutionary

    So, without further ado:


    I found it impossible to get a decent pic of this decal, the pic makes it look meh, but it really turned out very nice.
    Tried to get a good picture of the image quality on the screen, this one does it semi justice.

    Custom Vacuum formed case, slightly frankencased.
    Dimensions: L: 9 3/16" H: 4 5/8" W: 1 1/2"
    Weight: 1.955 lbs
    5" Dalian "Good Screen"
    GameCube component cable modded to output VGA (RGBHV) for the best image quality possible on the GameCube (480p)
    AlmostWTF cut GameCube motherboard (onboard audio pre-amp retained) + Trimmed official GC heatsink with Lenovo Laptop dual fan @ 3.3v
    WODE (severely stripped down) SD Loading only
    6x 2600mah Lithium-Ion Batterys (7.4v 7800mah total) = Roughly 3.5 hours playtime. System is wired to "play and charge".
    Zenloc's custom regulator: CPU=1.48v GPU=1.69v and 3.35v all regulated separately for maximum battery life.
    Official GameCube controller with rumble relocation, Dual iPhone 3GS rumble motors, 3DS analog "sliders", Playstation D-Pad and fully functional L/R "triggers" via the dual tact mod.
    Internal 128mb Memory card on slot "A", Internal SD Gecko on slot "B". Save game transfer possible via external adapter.
    iPod/iPhone audio amp with DSLite speakers + switching headphone jack.
    Mario's low battery indicator circuit. Active @ ~20 minutes left.
    100% full of Ashen's blood sweat and tears.

    Multi-disc game support via Emu_kid's Swiss: Coming soon

    Special Thanks:
    There are so freaking many people I should thank, and I don't want to leave anyone out so... I'll sum it up into two category's:
    Emu_kid - For making this all possible in the first place.
    EVERYONE - who has contributed in some way to the GameCube portablizing scene in the past months, so many new discoveries have been made and there are just to many people who have been there to help test, provide idea's or just provide general support/manlove, etc, etc. You guys all rock! You know who you are.
  2. public-pervert

    public-pervert Well-Known Member

    OMG!! This is amazing!!!!!! :eek:
  3. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS

    Maaan, that is something else. Looks fantastic, everything from that crystal clear picture to that perfect casework!

    Glad to see it finally done. The labels really give it that finished look, and I like the matching plugs on the bottom.

  4. robm

    robm Billy Mays Staff Member

    This is so awesome.
  5. grossaffe

    grossaffe President Groosevelt Staff Member

    Ashen once again proves his status as a god amongst boys.
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  6. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    I call BS. It can't be this amazing.
  7. Tchay

    Tchay Frequent Poster

    Ahh it looks so crisp!!!! Great job Ashen. I can't think of any compliment that hasn't already been said about your work.

    Congratulations for building the FIRST portable gamecube to utilize the infamous progressive scan video mode

    And for now, this is the smallest portable gamecube with batteries!!!! :D
  8. bud

    bud DAT ASS

    Greatest Gamecube portable ever made. Just sayin.

    I honestly can't think of a way to make a better one. I'm in awe.
  9. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    I could start pointing out flaws in the paint, but then I would realize that my phone is in worse condition and was factory made...

    The only other problem I have, I posted a potential solution in the worklog thread, albeit kinda late. That being the edge around the decal due to it being on a black background... I know it doesn't look that bad IRL, but it still bothers me... other than that little bit of nitpicking, it's incredible in every way.
  10. unicycler17

    unicycler17 Well-Known Member

  11. zeturi

    zeturi DEMON PIE!

    Mother*Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing gorgeous.
  12. Mario

    Mario Gin-Choobinest Member Staff Member


    Seriously though, this looks great! :awesome: Makes me really want to make a GC portable, even though I've never owned a GC. :p
  13. laingsoft

    laingsoft Formerly SteamDNT

    It's absolutely amazing how far portables have come in such a short time. The user built portables used to be screens, batteries, and controllers hotglued and bondoed to N64 cases. Those were considered the norm not too long ago, now this is starting to become normal.
    It makes me happy that the hobby has matured so much, but makes me sad because I can never make something as awesome.
    Good job man.
  14. mymixed

    mymixed Well-Known Member

    Probably the best casework ever. AND THE SCREEN LOOK AMAZING. Ashen, :awesome: job.
  15. J.D

    J.D No Stranger To Love

  16. Spoleyo

    Spoleyo Active Member

    This is so reminds me of looking at a 3ds with that perfect casework.

    And are those slider caps from an xbox analog? If so, how'd you get a yellow one?
  17. CapnLilNemo

    CapnLilNemo Member

    Really fantastic.
  18. wolborg

    wolborg Well-Known Member

    I believe they are replacement caps from dealextreme
  19. Spoleyo

    Spoleyo Active Member

    Oh wow, i didnt think DX sold those. Ill have to check that out. Thanks!
  20. nuke

    nuke Well-Known Member

    The c-stick is yellow because Ashen painted it.

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