Gameboy color light modding

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katherine worth, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. im very curious about modding gameboy colors to have frontlight

    I am more curious to if there are people who are willing to do it for you
    Obviously I would be willing to pay

    I know it’s not exactly really hard to do
    But I don’t have the materials needed for it and in general my knowledge of the gameboy systems goes as far as replacing the screen

    I bought my gameboy strictly because I wanted to play the dancing furby game really badly but decided to buy a Pokémon game as well
    But I find that with my bad eyesight it’s just to hard to play and even a worm light doesn’t help much

    And that’s why I’m interested in finding someone willing to mod my gameboy for me if I shipped it to them
    The shell it’s in has been decorated by me so I would need someone who can do it without damaging the stuff I added to the shell
    And someone with proof of what they do and people who can vouch for them as I spent a lot more money than intended on the gameboy after finding out it needed a new screen and don’t want to loose it if that makes sense

    And thank you in advanced as this is all very new but interesting to me the closest I’ve been to playing around with technology is fixing non working furbys gameboys are very new and confusing to me
  2. MasterNate

    MasterNate Member

    First off, I think you are looking for a backlight, not a frontlight.

    Second, something small like this could be easily fixed. All you have to do is buy a cheap lcd the same size as the gameboy color screen. You can then just take the backlight and run power to that when the gameboy color turns on. It will basically just be a panel that emits light. Then just put that behind the gbc screen.
  3. Diminuendo

    Diminuendo Well-Known Member

    Umm no MasterNate

    The GBC can not be back-lit the same way as earlier gameboys. Don't give people faulty advice.

    Watch this video for more info.

    I recommend this kit for a GBC back light.
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  4. MasterNate

    MasterNate Member

    Sorry. I just assumed the gameboy screens were just like other lcd screens. I will make sure to not assume things in the future.

    The gbc has a reflective layer in the screen that cant be removed. If it wasnt for that layer, my idea would work.
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  5. wallydawg

    wallydawg Active Member

    The GBC frontlight kits aren't that great. It looks terrible unless you adhere the screen to the lightbox layer (or whatever it's called) using LOCA, like on a cellphone. Backlight looks much better than frontlights as a rule, anyways so I'd personally go with that.

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