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    This subforum is really buried, so I'm not sure if anyone will even find this thread, but given that this is (sort of) the birthplace of modern VR, I figure it's worth posting here.

    Firefighter VR is the sequel to one of my previous games, Firefighter Simulator 2016. This time I'm actually using Unity- FS2016 was GZDoom with a fake Unity icon (really)- and going cross-platform and VR.


    Right now there's support for Cardboard and Daydream. I want to support Rift and Vive, but can't really afford the development hardware ;) . Of course, it works without VR as well, and to be honest the VR might just make you throw up. A wide variety of controllers is supports on PC and Android but an Xbox controller is recommended.


    The overall style is similar to FS2016 but you don't have to play that one for it to make sense (I hope). So basically it's not really about fighting fires.


    You can download the beta on the page. I'm shooting for a full release this fall.
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    I demand a Nazi Zombies knock-off in which you hose down civil rights protestors.

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