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what name sounds best

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  1. man-kind

    man-kind Newb

    I am planning a dual console, wii/ps2 the ps2 will resemble ashen's build with the disc drive, but the entire console will also include a wii complete with sensor, I was curious as to how hard it will be to hardwire this handheld to be compatible with not only just one controller working for both consoles but also both consoles with a single screen, all in one hand held including the ps2 disc drive for watching movies on the go. I'll be 3d printing the mach1 case and will include images down the line, anyone know how I can get past these two questions?
  2. vskid3

    vskid3 Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't be too difficult to wire all the controls to each controller board (could maybe even use one of those controller adapters to let you share one controller board) and each system to the screen. The hard part will be fitting both systems into a case that you can actually hold.
  3. Blargaman91

    Blargaman91 Well-Known Member

    I've had trouble in the past connecting the same set of buttons to multiple controllers. Sometimes none of them will work properly if the controllers are both on and all connected together.

    One thing that seems to work is to cut off both power and ground to whatever controller is not being used. Even leaving ground connected seems to sometimes cause issues, but try it first without any switches and it may work fine.
  4. ZipfelNm1

    ZipfelNm1 Newb

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