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  1. I hope this is a good place for this, as I figured it will be a very nice treat for those with GameBoy Macros
    I made an AR code to swap screens by pressing Start and Select. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-UzjWpiZVO2pRetsR83NGeoEnSecnmncIMErznfD8r0/edit#gid=0
    I'm hoping this will gather some interest, so we can build up a good list of games that this code can be ported to. If anyone is interested in details for how it works, or how to find hook addresses, let me know. The Google Sheets doc also has a tab for quick code making, so you can paste the necessary values into it, and the code will generate. If anyone has ideas or optimizations, please tell me. I've also thought of modifying a CFW to have this auto patch games, but that may be beyond my skill level.
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  4. the code is in the second tab of the spreadsheet. You will want to save a copy for yourself so you can edit.
    Basically just copy the 4 needed values from the desired game into the code portion on the second tab. The action replay code should update then.

    On another note, I'm really digging the project you have there. I might try to make one myself
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    I got a few commissions on them. People asking for an howto aswell. i will record the building process . Will post it end of may!

    Ill try your code , but need permision it says
  6. When you open the spreadsheet, go to "File" and "Make a Copy"
    This should give you your own copy you can freely edit.
    Also, I have not tested this on actual hardware yet, only an emulator. I'll test it on an actual action replay soon

    Edit: I put the code on an AR, and found a small bug in my code editor. If you have already downloaded a copy of the sheet, redownload it now for the fix.

    Sadly it seems that the code works in both DeSume, and No$GBA, but freezes on an actual DS.
    I'll have to look into what causes this...
    EDIT: So far, here are the results for actual hardware:
    Mario Kart AR:Fails
    Mario Kart Flashcart:Fails
    Super Mario 64 AR:Untested
    Super Mario 64 Flashcart:Works
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  8. Are you using the US or EUR version?

    Edit: I only had US versions, but I just updated with a EUR version for SM64 that *should* work (only tested on an emulator)
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    I forgot to mention, it says touch the screen to start :) This unit doenst have a touchscreen
  10. If you create a save file (on a spare ds), that should solve the issue. IIRC, that screen only shows when there are no saves.
  11. I did breifly talk to cracker, they mentioned that for mario kart, they had to do some hunting for the right addresses.
    I do want to have this working on some of the Pokemon games as well. Does anyone know off the top of their head if any DS pokemon games require an M code for AR?
  12. i'm sorry i can't help you create or edit the code because i don't have skill to do that, but I really hope you can finish the code to swap the screen, it doesn't matter if screens are swapped when starting the ROM without start & select :)
    do you mean master code for pokemon?
    Pokemon Black (M)
    c4000000 00000000
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