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  1. Hello, This is my first Worklog on here, and my first Wii portable.
    I have some experience in other projects, like rpi's, and ds(lite) modding.
    I plan to fit the Wii in a dmg, like Gman did.

    I want to try to fit an OMGWTF trim into the case,
    I am pretty sure, with some thoughtful planning; I will be able to fit it in with everything else.

    The Dmg case is on it's way here,
    I have some wiis, The screen, and such.
    I have most of the parts.
    Just need Ti Regulators,(Unless I can get my own method working) and such.

    This worklog will most likely be slow, and then Pick up speed, as I get a paying job.
    also, holidays are coming, along with relatives, so idk.
  2. GingerOfOz

    GingerOfOz Member

    Good luck with this, it'll definitely be a challenge. The frankencasing alone almost gives me a heart attack just thinking about it. When you mentioned your custom regulator board, do you already have the parts picked out for each line and know how you're going to design it? I've also been looking into custom PCBs for future products, and from what I've discussed with other members it's extremely difficult. But if you do have a prototype working or a design that you know for sure works, I'd love to see it.
  3. Any reason you don't like frankencasing?

    Don't have any solution for power regulation right now, Looking for parts and what not.
    But since this is my first, I think I'll go with pre-made stuff, and what not.

    for battery management I (if I decide to go with custom parts) am thinking of using this design I found on Ti.
    If not I plan to just get a board off Ebay, which would be cheaper.

    Ti gives free designs for almost anything http://www.ti.com/tidesigns
    In case you didn't know.
  4. GingerOfOz

    GingerOfOz Member

    3D printing :p. Used it for my case and was so happy to not have to cut up controllers, epoxy them in there, try and make it smooth, and all that fun stuff.

    The whole TI designs idea is neat, but power regulation for the Wii is pretty custom. I doubt there's a good pre made board for that, but I wouldn't be surprised about a battery regulation solution as those are pretty standard. But PTH's will serve you just fine.
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  5. MasterNate

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    If this is your first ever portable, i would try with starting something simple. I am at the end of my first portable and super glad I didnt try anything super difficult. Gman made his wiiboy after doing multiple portables and using things he learned through his troubles. If you still are going to go for putting it in a DMG, good luck. But i would definitely recommend starting with something simpler and maybe doing this as a second or third portable.

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