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Discussion in 'The Junkyard' started by RedmagnusX, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. RedmagnusX

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    Hello Everyone!

    Today you can own one of my very own custom built Portable Gamecube creations! The CandyCube!

    It's tough to let this one go since it was a bit of a secret pet project of mine and I built it for my personal use, but I am trying to move into Wii portablizing and once my portable Wii is finished, I will have very little use for this beauty.


    - 5" Dalian Good Display
    - VGA Video via Modified Authentic Gamecube Component cable DAC
    - Composite Video Support for Games that can't be forced into 480p.
    - 7.4v 4000 MAH Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Batteries
    - MiniGC Controller board with Original Buttons and Analog Sticks.
    - Dual Tact Modded L and R Triggers for replicating OEM trigger motion
    - Custom Designed and 3d Printed case with screw posts for components
    - Integrated SD Gecko
    - Integrated 2043 Block (128MB) Memory Card
    - Custom voltage regulators at 1.9v, 3.3v, and 5v
    - Stereo audio with Analog Volume control
    - Dedicated Charge and DC voltage ports



    Asking Price: $950 Shipped within the US. The price isn't really negotiable, sorry. The inclusion of an authentic Gamecube Component Video DAC makes the price what it is.

    The unit will come with a DC wall adapter and Lithium Ion Smart Charger. The unit does NOT include any SD Cards. All ports will be labeled to avoid confusion for the buyer.
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  2. How do I purchase
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  3. How do I purchase
  4. Fiskers1208

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  5. Crazy Inventor

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    Yes, you'd use paypal for a safe transaction. But if you, RCF, are interested in buying it, assuming he hasn't already sold it, send RedMagnus a PM. Commenting on the thread doesn't really get anywhere.
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    What a slice of beauty
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  7. RedmagnusX

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    The CandyCube has been sold! Thank you everyone for looking!
  8. Fiskers1208

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    I you make another portable, can you use my case model?

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