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Discussion in 'Forum 47' started by darkjorik, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. darkjorik

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    Hello guys. I want to show my nearly finished alternative controller for VR. This innovative tech much different than others, and can make new ways in VR gaming industry. With alternative controller you can moving in VR , make jumps, crouch and make different kicks like in real life. By this way possible to make games like first person Mortal Kombat in VR.

    Please help me realise it on a market.
    Marketolog ask me to make survey.
    Just easy 5 questions.
    Watch the movies and make answers.

    This is 3Drudder (not my but the most nearly)

    This is KickFighter (my invention)

    pls finish survey here:
  2. grossaffe

    grossaffe President Groosevelt Staff Member

    To be honest, I can't see myself using either one. The rudder seems to be attempting to solve a problem that was solved a long time ago and more naturally with the analog stick. It's not like the rudder has you actually walking to increase immersion like you might get from a 2D treadmill or similar solution. And the kickfighter looks to require a fair amount of space and to be used from a seated position, and seems a bit of a cumbersome solution compared to something like a wearable accelerometer/gyroscope.
  3. laingsoft

    laingsoft Formerly SteamDNT

    Pm me, I can help you market this.
  4. darkjorik

    darkjorik Newb

    I have been a big trouble last half year. That's why reply so long.
    Guys who thinking it's for moving. Sorry , not only for moving. This device for kicks.
    I can make more than different 14 kicks with each leg. That's good for fighting games like MK.

    I found Mirror Edge game.
    In this game you can make some different kicks. So, i did it. This is no so much , near 4 different kicks and one punch.
    I want ask our community. What you thinking about this kick control philosophy ?
    How I can market this ?


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