64 Boy for Sale!

Discussion in 'The Junkyard' started by bentomo, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    The 64 boy is for sale. I need to get a new computer so I need to sell.


    165mm x 110mm x 53mm

    3.5" screen
    external docking station
    external memory pak slot
    rcp wired
    expansion pak
    4 hour battery life

    The package will come with:
    64 Boy
    docking station
    90 degree docking station adapter (for using docking station when using transfer pak)
    Basic operating instructions manual

    If you see this advertised for sale anywhere else besides benheck, modretro, or on youtube by spiritwalker47, it's a scam.

    As soon as payment is received the sale will be taken down and the portable will be shipped. I will pay for insurance so if anything happens you will get your money back. I will post the highest off here.

    I only take paypal, sorry.

    I need to buy a new computer, a gaming one, so if anyone offers me $1000 and pays it's theirs instantly.

    Sale ends May 31!
  2. J.D

    J.D No Stranger To Love

  3. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    Throw in a gold brick and it's yours.
  4. Mako321

    Mako321 I like purpale ponies

    Maybe you should get an approximate price out, so no crap youtube buyers will go "HEY 5 BUX AND ILL GIVE U A NU N64 TOO 4 PRICE! I MENE U KEN USE A PSP AND PLAY IT TOO!!!!!11!@!@ONE!"
  5. QuickSkop3

    QuickSkop3 Well-Known Member

    Mako, I didnt know you spoke TrolL :p
  6. D.J

    D.J The Official Ghost/Reaper of ModRetro

    Interested, if you still have it in June/July shoot me a PM because I cannot afford this (NOW).

    I'm gonna guess your asking for 500 and above right?
  7. Basement_Modder

    Basement_Modder He who mods in thy basement.

    If he sold it for less than $850 he'd be the stupidest guy ever.
  8. zeturi

    zeturi DEMON PIE!

    He wouldn't be stupid. Since he's looking for a computer, quick sale might be a good option.

    Bentomo, since you'll have so much moola, build a nice gaming rig to play TF2. Imma start nao too. We can be buddies! :stare:
  9. J.D

    J.D No Stranger To Love

    Sell it for like $1200 so you can buy yourself a really sexy oversized monitor too.
  10. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    I already have a 26" 1920x1200 monitor, and I've been deprived of tf2 for 4 moths now. :gonk: Plus it has to be a laptop, I need my computer in other places often.

    This is the one I'm getting.

    Core i7 and DX 11 gfx card :cool:
  11. snowpenguin

    snowpenguin Frequent Poster

    In this economy, even $850 might be a bit high priced.

    The high end n64p market is pretty slim these days.
  12. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    I know :cry4:

    Just hoping endadget will post it so I can get some serious advertisement.
  13. Basement_Modder

    Basement_Modder He who mods in thy basement.

    $1200 was what a guy was going to buy the X64 lite for, but he ended up buying SS's 11th N64p for $650. The market's out there. Find it.
  14. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    Need advertisement! :gonk:

    I think the smallest in the world title get's it out there pretty quick.
  15. I'd be interested but living in the UK, a PAL region, I'd like to know whether the Nintendo 64 is a region free console.

  16. Antome

    Antome Forum Blooper

    You probably know by now that you're on engadget, but ah well :tophat:
  17. Jidan


    Nintendo 64 can be modded to be region-free, but no, it is not region-free unless you mod it.

    EDIT: Did I just reply to a spambot? That was awfully specific.
  18. zeturi

    zeturi DEMON PIE!

    Well Bentomo, just looks at the views you've got going for this. Over a thousand between here and benheck. Hopefully you've gotten some interest.
  19. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    I dropped the price due to the fact that pretty much everyone is complaining about the price. I've dropped the buy it now price to $750.
  20. zeturi

    zeturi DEMON PIE!

    This makes me cry. C'mon, Bentomo, you've only had it up for a few days!
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